Abish – Fenugreek


“Abish” or “abesh” is the Amharic word for fenugreek, and “abish fenugreek powder” refers to powdered fenugreek seeds used in Ethiopian cuisine. Fenugreek is a common spice in Ethiopian cooking, and its unique flavor and aroma play a significant role in many traditional dishes. It can be found in stews, lentil dishes, bread, and even used as a seasoning for vegetables. Fenugreek is known for its potential health benefits. It is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties and may help with digestion. It is also used in traditional medicine for various purposes.


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Abish / Fenugreek 100% Fenugreek powder


Additional information

Weight 1000 g

1kg, 200g, 500g

Allergen Information

Packed on premises that handle nuts (including peanuts), seeds, cereals, soya products containing gluten.

Storage Instruction

Keep in an airtight sealed container in a cool, dark, and dry location.