Habesha Market

Authentic Ethiopian and Eritrean Foods

Welcome to Habesha Market

Welcome to Habesha Market, your gateway to the vibrant culinary tapestries of Ethiopia and Eritrea. Here, traditions run deep, tales are told through spices, and every meal is a celebration of culture. Dive into a symphony of aromas and tastes that have been cherished and perfected over generations.

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a curious foodie, let us guide you through the heart of East African cuisine.


“Habesha Market's collection of herbs and spices has ignited my passion for cooking. The depth of flavour and complexity they bring to my dishes is unparalleled. What a game-changer!”

Naomi Robel

“Habesha Market's spices and ingredients have transformed my kitchen. Their authenticity and
quality are unmatched. From coffee beans to spices, each product infuses my dishes; it just
carries me home.”

Khadra Ali

“Habesha Market has elevated my culinary journey. Their Ethiopian and Eritrean spices are a revelation. Authentic, rich, and aromatic, they've added variety and a unique twist to my dishes.”

Mark Morris