Aja Kinche – Oats


Aja Kenehe Oats are natural that are vigilantly selected and hygienically processed. No unhealthy chemicals are used for taste and preservation.Ethiopian Oatmeal is considered a nutritious breakfast option, providing dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, and sustained energy. It is known for its potential to lower cholesterol levels and promote heart health. Aja Kinche Oats are made into many luscious recipes every day, such as buttery grain porridge for breakfast. It can be topped with other dishes like messer wot (spiced lentils) or gomen (Ethiopian-spiced collards) for lunch or dinner.


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100% OATS


Additional information

Weight 500 g
Allergen Information

Packed on premises that handle nuts (including peanuts), seeds, cereals, soya products containing gluten.

Storage Instruction

Keep in an airtight sealed container in a cool, dark, and dry location.